Jessie Arora is a holistic tarot reader and the creator and founder of Atma Things; A line of luxurious self-care products that have been activated with crystals and energized by the moon.



Jessie Arora

Owner and creatrix of Atma Things

You know that saying “Every healer is a wounded warrior”?....Yup, wounded warrior right here.

I’ve always been a hypersensitive person.  As far as I can remember I felt so much.  I remember being able to feel things so deeply to my core but not being able to explain them. Things like the stress and anxiety of the adults around me,  weird sensations in my body that didn't seem to belong to me, and melancholy, lots and lots of melancholy.  But I couldn't tell anyone because in truth I didn't understand it myself.  I convinced myself that I was defective, I told myself that something was wrong with me.  It was challenging as all hell for my parents.  I struggled with mental illness, suicidal tendencies, being the bully, and being bullied.  I remember my first attempt at overdosing on a common over-the-counter drug when I was 8 years old because I truly felt unloved.  For the most part I was confused.  I didn't care to understand it because I would just act out, deflect, blame, create precarious scenarios, and I just thought I was unlovable. Self-love was nowhere to be found.

The icing on the cake? My dreams sent me messages about what was going to happen to people in this physical world... Then I started to see spirits! Great! Like managing myself wasn't challenging enough!  But I ignored my inner voice and pushed through.

Fast-forward a few decades.  Past a tumultuous ten year common-law relationship. Skip over the three mandatory psychiatric holds the hospitals issued, and go ahead and hop over going belly up in every sense of the term.  I lost my family, my home, my car, my relationships, my business, and it felt like I lost my dignity along with it all. We all have an ugly history to some extent or another so no judgement please.

In 2011 I was introduced to Abraham Hicks (information channelled  through Esther and Jerry Hicks).  While listening to the cd's (CD's? I just dated myself there) I realised that I was never alone and that most of all I was a powerful being.  I came to a realisation that nothing was going to change unless I did, and that’s where my new journey began.  With the help of spiritual guidance, healers, teachers and great friends and family, I have been able to turn my life around.  I learned about reiki, shamanism, herbalism, past life regressions, akashic records, crystal healing, sound baths, ecstatic movement, yoga, you name it, I was doing it, and I still am.  Spirituality saved me.  Learning how to love myself and love life saved me.

Every single ordeal I experienced heralded beautiful lessons, teaching me about myself and my purpose here.  I knew that I wanted to share that information with others in the most uplifting way.  Tarot came naturally to me and my voice became a voice of encouragement and clarity.  Not only do I read the cards but I also read energy, being able to see metaphysical blocks and pathways.  The more people I saw the more I realised a common disconnect between mind, body, and spirit.  In all my learnings I found an incredible importance in the moon, crystals, plant life, and sound vibration.  I wanted to create products that acted like catalysts inwards while using the energy of all these natural healing elements.  In 2016 Atma Things was born.  A luxurious self-care product line that harnesses the energy and the power to inspire self-love and healing.

Currently I am offering local self-care workshops , community talks, and I am accepting public speaking opportunities as an advocate for mental-health and non-secular spiritual awareness.