Jan/Feb 2022 – The Dark Days

Jan/Feb 2022 – The Dark Days

The Dark Days

This candle is black simply for the reason that sometimes it’s hard to see through the pain, the unknown, the deep feelings that feel like there is no way out.  
Dressed with 3 rose buds, these beautiful flowers represent balance.  These flowers come with thorns.  Such pain hidden behind beautiful buds that when pricked by the pthorns the pain feels unfair.  The number 3 represents what came before us, the present moment, and what will come after us.  We are not the first to experience challenges, and we will not be the last.  To see challenge and pain from a broader perspective is important in understanding the temporary nature of feelings and experiences.  

Aquamarine, the stone of the sea enables us to access our deep inner wisdom. This, in turn, empowers us to remain true to our deepest values, expressing our feelings openly and communicating with others from the heart.  Not only does this activate our inner courage, but it inspires creative expression and enhances artistic skills. It is this alignment with oneself that promotes empathy and kindness. These qualities, of course, engender trust and peace with others.

Sprinkled with frankincense, it’s thought to have strong vibrations that drive away negative energies when burned, and is therefore very useful in spiritual rituals and meditation.

Lastly, the black and blue shimmer represents the infinite possibility of creativity that can come from being in the dark, like the stars in the cosmos, shining unto themselves while still a part of something greater, something unknown.  

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September 2021 – Taste For Freedom

September 2021 – Taste For Freedom

Taste For Freedom

This land was once beautifully mixed with cultures and traditions from different emperors.  A melange of Babaonian, Macadonian, Mongolian, Iranian and Indian worlds in one tapestry. 

It’s in the 1900’s that the political challenges escalated and have since been out of control due to England and then America.  It has been a very very long time since the people of this land have had any semblance of stability.  Now in the most dire straits, some people are lucky enough to flee for refuge, while others endure the tyranny. 

Needless to say, this month’s candles are working towards the distribution of food, medical supplies, water, hygiene kits and medical supplies, as well as supporting the approximately half a million Afghan refugees coming to Canada.  We’ll be donating to Islamic Relief Canada.

The Light

The candle is made in a clay pot perfect for soups and stews.  The two lids help keep the fluids hot for longer periods of time and as we head into the colder months this becomes symbolic for provision and shelter. 

The combination of the neroli and honey scents were inspired by Traditional Afgani dishes that I love eating.  They make this beautifully light honey cake, and if you know me you know I love cake.  The other dish was a rice pillow with hints of orange.  Just by thinking of the food I feel comfort, warmth and nourishment.

Symbolically acorns are used to represent growth, perseverance or stability and it felt fitting that we use this nut as we pray for positive changes for the people of the land. 

Orange represents confidence, joy and enthusiasm, emotional balance, harmony, freedom, and expression of emotion.

I chose to use a citrine crystal to represent protection (which not many people know about citrine but it’s been true for me).  This is also a great stone for encouragement and activism.  I am not naive and I am aware that it will take much more than a citrine crystal to change the circumstances there but I also believe in collective prayer and miracles.  I hope you do too.

September 2021 Candle Subscription

July 2021 – Land Back

July 2021 – Land Back

Land Back

I think it’s safe to say that the news about the children being found in unmarked graves in residential schools across the nation is harrowing to say the least. The weight and the grief that I have personally felt is nothing in comparison to what the Indigenous communities are feeling. This is not a cause or a one time donation that needs to happen in order to make a change.

It’s much larger than that. 

The Light

This is a plea to you to do the research and learn the truth about the land you live on and the true stewards of the land. The false histories that have been taught to you in a school system that was meant to keep you in the dark needs to change now. What needs to be done is clearly stated in this article: Truth and Reconciliation offers 94 ‘calls to action’.

The candle is coloured orange to represent residential school survivor Phyllis Jack Webstad, who shared her story about her experience at a residential school. Phyllis recounted her first day of residential schooling at six years old, when she was stripped of her clothes, including the new orange shirt her grandmother bought her, which was never returned. The orange shirt now symbolizes how the residential school system took away the indigenous identity of its students.

The candle is scented with lemon and basil essential oils. The metaphysical properties of both herbs is purification , protection and love. Our systems that are currently in place require massive purges and purification, while the communities that are grieving continue to call in love and protection.

The candle is scented with lemon and basil essential oils. The metaphysical properties of both herbs is purification , protection and love. Our systems that are currently in place require massive purges and purification, while the communities that are grieving continue to call in love and protection.

The candle is decorated with Cedar. One of the most important Native American ceremonial plants, used by many tribes as an incense and purifying herb. Cedar is especially associated with prayer, healing, dreams, and protection against disease. in this case the disease is one of the mind (greed, hatred, control, fear). It’s also decorated with Ceremonial Tobacco I received from Turtle Lodge Trading Post in Ontario. Semeh (tobacco) is the first plant that the Creator gave to Aboriginal Peoples. It is the main activator of all the plant spirits. Traditional tobacco was given to them so that they could communicate with the spirit world. It opens up the door to allow communication to take place.

I chose to decorate the candle with Watermelon Tourmaline crystals. It’s a very powerful heart stone that is here to help calm and soothe your emotions. It helps one access and unlock the deepest parts of one’s heart, pushing one to fully cleanse and heal all emotional wounds.


The Love

15% of the money will go to True North Aid As a Canadian charity, their mandate is to provide practical humanitarian assistance through initiatives established on eight foundational stones of support. These include self-determination, reconciliation, water, food, health, housing, hope and education. Their priority is to help ensure the dignity and health of Indigenous people through action. Their self-determination activities are designed to help inspire and empower Indigenous youth to pursue their dreams and, in turn, empower their people and community.

With this candle you’ll receive a white pump cap as you’ll notice its a part of the candle jar. Once the candle burns down, wash out the jar with hot water and replace it with liquid soap, which is also included. We made you a natural vegetable based hand soap to go with your candle so that you’ll reuse the glass jar, stay clean, and wash away the sins of the colonisers who claimed to be the forefathers of this land.

March 2021 – Subscription

March 2021 – Subscription

Sweetie Birds

Your March/April candle is starting to be shipped out on the new moon, March 13th! You’ll get two of these 7.5 oz candles I’ve called Sweetie Birds, because two birds are always happier than one. I’m so happy to chime in the spring with these bright colours and sweet ideas, drizzled with gold accents.
This time our chosen cause is @planinternational Plan International – Because I am a Girl. Plan International Canada is a member of a global organization dedicated to advancing children’s rights and equality for girls.  I think it’s really important to state that 79% of the funds go towards benefiting the children and family, while 21% of the funds are needed for administration and operational purposes. It’s really hard to find global organizations that work within that ratio.