Atma Things classes and workshop are a perfect outlet for creativity and knowledge. You’ll learn about manifestation, intentions, moon cycles, and how to utilise natures cycles into everything you do. We teach candle making, mala making, tarot cards and event eco-friendly ways of smudging and space cleansing.


classes and workshops

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moon magic candle workshops

These intimate workshops teach you the origins of candle magic and the power of making arts and crafts with your own hands. Infusing intention, florals, herbs, essential oils, crystals, and the power of the spoken word into your creations will bring your moon magic game to the next level. Don’t know what moon magic is? Don’t worry, we go over that too

You’ll take home a large 500 ml soy candle with a step by step instruction manual led by Jessie Arora of Atma Things. Click on the button below to see when the next workshop is being offered.

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Magic Mala Workshops

These intimate workshops cover the basics of crystals, affirmations, vedic principles of meditation and why the number 108 is so important. You’ll learn the basics of knot magic, where it originated and how to use it in your life now while infusing intention into your very own personal mala. You’ll be able to choose from over 50 different beads and fixins.

You’ll go home with your own intentional and powerful mala, a necklace making tray, and a step by step manual so that you can continue being creative even after the class is done. Click the button below to find out when the next class is being offered.

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energy alchemy class

With all the recent talk, and action, around the sustainability and harvesting of white sage and palo santo I decided it was time to teach people the old ways without having to drain mother earths resources. The four elements (earth, wind, water, and fire) are plentiful and are amazing tools for transforming energy. In this class you’ll learn how to release negativity with soil. You’ll learn how to ignite and activate energy with fire. You’ll learn how to cleans with charged water, and you’ll learn how to move energy with the element of air. This class is going to be jam packed with practical tools and tips that can be used daily to enhance your connection with yourself, your intuition and with the spirit world.

You’ll go home with multiple types of tools from all four elements, a printed booklet of “how to’s” and you’ll become a wealth a wisdom from just being in this presentation.

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This Online Tarot for beginners class will cover all the basic you’ll need to know to get started to read for yourself, friends and family. You’ll get the rudimentary knowledge of all that cards, their history and significance as well as guidance on how to intuitively channel through the images and messages. We’ll practice with our classmates with one card pulls, three card pulls, and five card pulls. You’ll learn how to piece together the cards into a cohesive reading. You’ll learn how to interpret one word answers as well as elaborate explanations.

The biggest takeaway from this class is that you’ll learn how to trust yourself more. Your intuition will become louder and you’ll feel more connected with the symbols and messages surrounding you every day.

You’ll receive a copy of my comprehensive tarot workbook mailed to you shortly after your registration and you’ll be able to learn along with my written guidance.