The Dark Days

This candle is black simply for the reason that sometimes it’s hard to see through the pain, the unknown, the deep feelings that feel like there is no way out.  
Dressed with 3 rose buds, these beautiful flowers represent balance.  These flowers come with thorns.  Such pain hidden behind beautiful buds that when pricked by the pthorns the pain feels unfair.  The number 3 represents what came before us, the present moment, and what will come after us.  We are not the first to experience challenges, and we will not be the last.  To see challenge and pain from a broader perspective is important in understanding the temporary nature of feelings and experiences.  

Aquamarine, the stone of the sea enables us to access our deep inner wisdom. This, in turn, empowers us to remain true to our deepest values, expressing our feelings openly and communicating with others from the heart.  Not only does this activate our inner courage, but it inspires creative expression and enhances artistic skills. It is this alignment with oneself that promotes empathy and kindness. These qualities, of course, engender trust and peace with others.

Sprinkled with frankincense, it’s thought to have strong vibrations that drive away negative energies when burned, and is therefore very useful in spiritual rituals and meditation.

Lastly, the black and blue shimmer represents the infinite possibility of creativity that can come from being in the dark, like the stars in the cosmos, shining unto themselves while still a part of something greater, something unknown.  

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