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This massive piece of white apophylite and pastel peachy stilbite is absolutely stunning. From Jalgoan, India, this specimen weighs 18 lbs and measures 14” x 7” x 7”.

Harnessing the power of ancient molten lava streams, apophyllite brings high vibrations of light that are known to soothe feelings of anxiety, fear, and worry. This powerful but gentle healing crystal is a must-have for your gem collection because it helps to calm an anxious mind in times of stress. By working to absorb negative thought patterns, apophyllite rocks when it comes to sorting out problems in a more productive way.

Stilbite is a highly creative stone that opens the intuition and carries a loving and supportive vibration in any endeavour. The name Stilbite comes from the Greek word “stil bein” meaning “to shine.” Stilbite’s sweet, joyful energies open and heal the heart chakra. Stilbite is a helpful metaphysical crystal tool as it grounds spiritual energy and helps to focus and manifest intuitive thoughts into action in the physical plane.

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Weight18 lbs
Dimensions14 × 7 × 7 in


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