Bio Healing Spa Gift Pack




Giving the gift of a Bio Healing Session is like giving the ultimate gift of love. A holistic opportunity to reconnect to self, be cared for, open up to receiving, and even find inspiration and clarity.

The gift certificate for the Bio Healing Session is mailed directly to your loved one in a beautifully wrapped gift box accompanied by a complimentary 4oz natural soy candle. All they have to do is scan the code to book their appointment, no mess, no fuss.

This session is focusing on supporting a person holistically through detoxing through the organs, stimulation healing energy, and emotional support and guidance.

1, We start off with a mini cacao prayer, asking to keep our heart open, and to continue the work on reconnection to true self.

2, We then move onto a short tarot session to help us better understand the energy you are working with, resisting, avoiding, and how to transmute it into energy that will yield results that would benefit your greatest self.

3, We move onto an Infrared Jade Healing matt for our energy healing session together. This is a hands on session where I use crystals, resins, oils and sound to chanel the energy in your subtle body, clear stagnant or dense vibrations and turn them into lighter, clearer and more helpful energy.

4, You are offered a detox shake made with binders to help you with the cleaninsg process that will follow. Made with parcley, activated charcoal, bananas, oranges, blueberries, coconut water, and a bunch of other great ingredients.

5, Here is where the physical detox starts with an ionic foot bath. You soak your feet in warm water for 30 min while the postive charge in the water extracts impurities from the bottom of your feel. You can choose to sit in silence, meditate, read a book or listen to a podcast during this time.

6, We follow the ionic foot bath with an infrared sauna. It’s a fully encased fabric cube that you sit in for 30 to 60 min. The only visible part of your body is your head and your hands if you choose to let them out. With that said, I always suggest you go in fully nude. You have 100% privacy during this time. You can nap, sit in silence, read a book, meditate, or listen to a podcast. A robe, slippers and towels are provided. The sauna is equipped with a mini ozone machine, making oxygen readily available to your skin, helping recovery and repair. The additional antioxidant properties can increase collagen and elastin activity which can lead to improved and rejuvenated skin.

7, As we aproach the end of the tratment you have the oppertunity to choose a beautiful warm healing cedar bath, or a quick cold plunge. This part of the process could take 15 min to 60 minutes depending on how long you want to relax in the tub. The bath is also equiped with a TheraO3 machine to improve blood oxygen levels and lower oxidative stress for super anti-aging benefits.

8, And now it’s time to nourish your body with a fresh vegan meal prepared in house. The options vary between quinoa salads, fresh spring rolls, warm lentil soups, mini graze boards, finished off with vegan parfaits, energy balls, or homemade gluten free baked goods by yours truly. You’ll have an oppertunity to tell me your food allergies or restrictions in the intake form.

Participants must be comfortable with dogs as there are two large, loving, dogs in the house. No exceptions.