Cut & Clear Magic Mop Mix



Made with a super duper cleaning agent, Vrinda Blue from India, a laundry cleaning product that has been used for ages to get white clothing extra bright.  It’s beginings of use in spiritual or energy work is unknown to me but I have been using it in my personal home cleaning for years.  It was taught to me by a spiritual teacher formally trained in ritual.  The tradition originated from the east (I’m thinking India and parts of Africa) and is now also used in Central America.

Made with a strong blend of essential oils and herbal ingredients, carefully cooked for 24 hours on the night of a full moon, 4 tbsp of this mix in your mop bucket with your favorite floor cleaner will definitely shift the energy of your space for the better, possibly even releasing some resistance and opening up the winds of luck in your direction.

This mixture is made with Black Tourmaline – While Black Tourmaline may seem stripped of any color, it’s a hugely powerful stone for those who want to wear a constant cloak of protection. Potent, inky black, and with strong grounding forces, this jet colored stone is known for being a swallower of negative energies. It effectively helps the wearer be absolved of dark feelings, turning these anxious vibrations into a positive spin that nurtures the soul.


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