Large Apophyllite Slab


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This slab comes from India and it weighs15.5 lbs, and measures 12.5″x 8″ x 6″.  This beautiful slab has many clusters and points ranging from very small to large.  It’s a gorgeous statement piece that will make any area lux and magical. It comes with a large book stand for display.

A clear resonator that conducts electrical charge and connects to higher plains, Apophyllite is an incredibly spiritual stone. Ever a clearer of negative energy and tumbled emotion, this crystal immediately gets to work and removes blockages, making sure that your heart and your head stay clear and connected and ever ready to overcome those mired feelings of stress and anxiety. Channeling thoughts and feelings that surpass our simple borders, Apophyllite is also known for its ability to tap into hidden psychic powers. From clairvoyance and visions to linking spirit and truth, this stone has big things in store for those who are open to deepened spiritual practice.

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Weight17 lbs
Dimensions15 × 12 × 12 in


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