Muladhara 108 Bead Mala


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This mala is made with red coral, rudraksh, and Indian jasper. Om is a complete vibration. ‘Ah’ affects the lower part of the body, ‘Oo’ affects the middle part, ‘Ma’ affects the upper part. The total prana (life source energy) is represented by one syllable Om. Before birth, we were part of that sound and after death we will merge with that sound; the sound of the spirit, as it is said in the Upinishads. So this mala is about fully embodying and being present with our totality.

Red Coral has an organic origin despite being referred to as a stone. It was once a living organism found in the ocean, called a polyp. It assists in warding off sadness and depression. With its fiery red energy, Red Coral provides strength, willpower and motivation. Connected to our Root Chakra, Red Coral stimulates our energy enabling us to reach our goals. It is considered a very diplomatic stone that encourages us to gain control over the emotional energies that hinder diplomacy, instead encouraging harmony in all our interactions.

Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer”. It sustains and supports through times of stress, and brings tranquility and wholeness. Jasper provides protection and absorbs negative energy. It balances yin and yang. Jasper clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution, including radiation. It encourages honesty with one’s self. Provides courage to assertively tackle problems. Aids quick-thinking and promotes organisational abilities. Jasper stimulates the imagination and transforms ideas into action. Prolongs sexual pleasure. It supports during prolonged illness and re-energises the body.