Rhassoul Clay Body Soap

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This 3oz bar of Crystal Infused Body Soap is energised with a Black Obsidian Crystal and blended with nutrient rich Moroccan Rhassoul clay.  Both elements help to extract negativity and impurities, perfect when you want to wash that negative joojoo right off ya!

The scent is a combination of of ylang ylang, neroli, jasmine and rose, with a strong essence of eucalyptus known for it’s intrinsic medicinal and awakening properties.

This soap can assist with releasing, forgiving, and liberating ones self from the idea of perfection and control.  This allows us to make room for flow and synchronicity and serendipity. All divine and organic when we learn how to let the beauty of it be present with us.   It can also be helpful in creating an extra layer of etheric protection around us when we feel we need it from others or even ourselves.  It’s normal, bad days happen to all of us.