South Snake Mug


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Inspired by the archetypal animal “snake/serpent” from the ancient Andean shamanism and medicine way, each of the archetypal animals exudes a different flavor of energy. Serpent symbolizes knowledge, sexuality and healing. Perhaps the most universal archetype, serpent has always represented the healing power of nature. The staff of medicine, or Caduceus, is formed by two serpents intertwined around a rod. The serpent teaches us to shed our past the way she sheds her skin so we may walk with beauty on the belly of the Mother.

This mug is made with black clay, embeded with a snake skin pattern into th body of the vessel.  Weighty and earthy.  A beautiful snake coils its was up from the base of the cup becoming the handle, dipping onto the mouth of the cup for a taste.  Each tumbler is hand made so every item is different in shape, texture and appearance.  It can hold up to 200 ml of fluid.  It’s 4.5″ tall x 5.25″ in wide including the handle.

This vessel can be used for ceremonial offerings, cacao ceremony, daily nourishment, and anything else that you can think of as it’s very versatile.

This vessel can be used for hot an cold fluids and is dishwasher safe.  We don’t like microwaves so we never suggest using a microwave for anything but if you need to the vessel is microwave safe.

Each piece is pre-ordered and will take 4 weeks before it’s shipped.