Vanilla Cream Body Spray + Pillow Mist

$25.00 or $22.50 every 3 months

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One of our best selling scents in the Moon Butters can now also be enjoyed as a body spray.

This spray is a two in one! Use it as a body mist or use it as a pillow mist before bed.

Essential oils delicately preserved over 90 days, made with a combination of sweet vanilla, maple syrup, cocoa, and honey. In combination it smells just like vanilla ice cream.

When sprayed directly on the skin the scent of the essential oils mixes with your natural oils, creating a very unique and special affect for everyone that wears it. No two people wear it the same.

You’ll notice at the bottom of each vial tiny Amethyst pebbles. This natural calmative helps you breathe deeper and feel more comfortable in your body. When things get hectic you don’t need to quit, you just need to rest. Be gentle with yourself.