Taste For Freedom

This land was once beautifully mixed with cultures and traditions from different emperors.  A melange of Babaonian, Macadonian, Mongolian, Iranian and Indian worlds in one tapestry. 

It’s in the 1900’s that the political challenges escalated and have since been out of control due to England and then America.  It has been a very very long time since the people of this land have had any semblance of stability.  Now in the most dire straits, some people are lucky enough to flee for refuge, while others endure the tyranny. 

Needless to say, this month’s candles are working towards the distribution of food, medical supplies, water, hygiene kits and medical supplies, as well as supporting the approximately half a million Afghan refugees coming to Canada.  We’ll be donating to Islamic Relief Canada.

The Light

The candle is made in a clay pot perfect for soups and stews.  The two lids help keep the fluids hot for longer periods of time and as we head into the colder months this becomes symbolic for provision and shelter. 

The combination of the neroli and honey scents were inspired by Traditional Afgani dishes that I love eating.  They make this beautifully light honey cake, and if you know me you know I love cake.  The other dish was a rice pillow with hints of orange.  Just by thinking of the food I feel comfort, warmth and nourishment.

Symbolically acorns are used to represent growth, perseverance or stability and it felt fitting that we use this nut as we pray for positive changes for the people of the land. 

Orange represents confidence, joy and enthusiasm, emotional balance, harmony, freedom, and expression of emotion.

I chose to use a citrine crystal to represent protection (which not many people know about citrine but it’s been true for me).  This is also a great stone for encouragement and activism.  I am not naive and I am aware that it will take much more than a citrine crystal to change the circumstances there but I also believe in collective prayer and miracles.  I hope you do too.

September 2021 Candle Subscription