Atma Things is a luxurious self-care product line that harnesses the energy and the power to inspire self-love and healing. All Atma Things products, from the Moon Butters to the 108 Bead Malas, have been activated with crystals, energized by the moon, and enhanced with sound therapy. 


self-care products

All Atma Things products, from the Moon Butters to the 108 Bead Malas, have been activated with crystals, energized by the moon, and enhanced with sound therapy.  Products cannot replace the efforts of your work and your intentions.  They can, however, serve as catalysts that help you be present in the moment, and fully embodied if used mindfully when embarking on an inward dimensional journey.

“The inward journey is about finding your own fullness, something that no one else can take away.” Deepak Chopra



From Moon Butter to Bath Bags, there's something here for you that will inspire a little self-care time.  Every item has been created with a specific intention in mind, from opening up the heart, to washing away negativity. 

Each item is made with ethically sourced, natural, and organic ingredients.  No added chemicals, scents, dyes, or preservatives.   The items are hand-made in small batches during the full moon or the new moon. 



These precious soy crystal candles are truly magical.  Embedded with herbs, florals, crystals, and up to 8 different essential oils in each custom blend.  Each candle has been created to activate certain chakras (energy meridians) in your body through aromatherapy.  The essential oil blends consist of 6-8 different ingredients per candle.  

Soy Candles are healthier to burn and the wicks are made of pure cotton, without any zinc, tin or lead, reducing air pollution and toxicity. 



Every culture, prior to religion, had spiritual tools indigenous to their land.  These tools consisted of items for protection, energy clearing, energy enhancement, and communication with the other side.  On this page you'll find incense and smudge offerings from around the world, including but not limited to India, Africa, South America, and China. 

Although the term "smudge" is synonymous with Aboriginal and South American cultures, it is a practice that's been used globally with different names.  It's now a commonly known term, however mother earths gifts should still be used respectfully with uplifting intention only. 


Moon magic kits

This is where we get to have a little fun and practice ritual and ceremony infused with beauty and self-care.  Moon Magic Kits are released twice a year, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.  The items in the kits are usually special limited edition items that won't be recreated and can't be purchased individually on the website.  The themes of the kits revolve around intercultural celebrations, symbolism, and of course, what the moon is up to and how it energetically effects us.  Components of the kits are broken down into four groups; earth, wind, water, and fire, allowing us to harness and practice our own personal magic in a balanced and harmonious way.


108 Bead Malas

Although wearing malas seems to be the cool thing to do since yoga and meditation have become more mainstream,  traditionally, mantra (affirmation) meditation has been used all over the continent of Asia as a form of mindfulness and energetically altering the structure of the mind.  These unique and beautiful malas have been created to gradually help you enter the world of meditation through concentration on an affirmation.  The crystals serve another purpose through their own metaphysical abilities and frequencies.  Custom malas can also be ordered specific to your intentions and needs. 



Crystal healing is not new-age.  It's a very old concept that originates from China, known as life energy or chi, and India, known as chakras or energy meridians, essentially, vortexes of this life energy.  Through the crystal's metaphysical properties and frequency, they have the ability to connect the physical and the supernatural elements of the body, facilitating balance and healing.