Fall/Winter 2018 Moon Magic Kit

Fall/Winter 2018 Moon Magic Kit


This seasons Moon Magic Kit is jam packed with special goodies that will help you connect with mind, body and soul, through the elements of earth, wind, water and fire. Each tool is specially allocated to an element and it’s particular purpose and mindful utilisation can help you connect with your inner self and your greatest good.

This season we are guided by Cheetah Medicine. Read more about the Cheetah totem and all the crystals used down below.

The Fall/Winter 2018 kit includes a new limited edition Crystal Soy Candle called Sacral Prowess, made with Orange Calcite, Anise and Baby’s Breath. Essential oils used are Palo Santo, Balsam Fir, Sandalwood, Anise, and Magnolia. This candle has been created to inspire creativity, capacity, and courage. The candle fulfils the fire element.

Carnelian Sandalwood Moon Butter is one of our staple self-care items. This smooth, rich and creamy butter helps you connect with your body and ground yourself. It’s musky sandalwood scent also acts as an aphrodisiac, getting the lower two chakras (root and sacral) activated. This Moon Butter was inspired to conjure courage, strength, and vulnerable sensuality. The body butter connects us to the earth element.

This season we collaborated with Bath Bomb Chick to create this lovely Lunar Crystal Bath Bomb with a Smoky Citrine Quartz embedded into the center of each one. The Cycles of the moon are represented by the two faces of the moon, the new moon and the full moon. Each representing the phases that we go through in monthly cycle, the yin and the yang. Made with baking soda, citric cid, epsom salts, kaolin clay, and a variety of essential oils such as sage, balsam fir, and vanilla. This bath bomb was created to inspire intentional manifestation of positivity, discipline, will-power, and professional success. The bath bomb submerses us into the water element.

We connect with the wind element through the Cedar Smudge Stick. Cedar is first and foremost a medicine of protection. Burning cedar protects people, and places and rids negative unwanted energy and invites positive uplifting energy. The smell of the smoke of burning cedar is said to be grounding and strengthening within the physical body. The cedar we use is locally sourced in Ontario and it is sustainable and readily available.

Lastly, the most special treat of this seasons Moon Magic Kit, a 108 bead Magic Mala made out of Obsidian, Pyrite, and Sandalwood, with a sleek black tassel. This mala is very versatile and can blend into any wardrobe. Meditation is key to mindfulness and awareness. This 108 bead mala will help you go through a repetitive japa (affirmation) meditation and it will inspire positive changes so that you can persevere without getting in your own way.

The Fall/Winter Moon Magic Kits will only be available until December 28th or when they sell out. Shipping will begin October 1st.

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Cheetah Totem Medicine: The Cheetah symbolizes self – esteem, speed, and focus.  This spirit animal helps us determine our goals and then maintain focus in achieving them, in the fastest possible way. It also teaches us to be flexible and adapt if necessary when doing so, but also react in a timely manner and stop wasting time. It also reminds us to focus on as much goals as we can accomplish and not waste energy aimlessly on too many things, which cannot be accomplished all at once. And although it encourages a quick and swift action, it also reminds us about the need to rest and recharge afterwards in order to prepare for new challenges and goals.

Orange Calcite: Orange-Calcite is a powerful energy amplifier and cleanser. It will enhance all the gifts that you possess and get rid of the pollution that’s present in your body and light body. It will increase the flow of positive energies in your body so that the negative energies will be dispelled. It will also do the same with the space that you inhabit, the things that you use, and the people you spend time with. This stone will help you do away with old patterns, behaviors, and ways of thinking. It will make you realize that as time passes, everything changes. And with every change, certain beliefs and practices will also no longer be relevant. This stone will show you how you can make space for new ways of living, for fresh ideas, and for other sources of inspiration. Orange-Calcite will increase your drive and motivation. It will help you boost your efforts in achieving what you want out of life. It’s a stone that will enhance your creativity and you will find inspiration in almost everything and everyone.

Carnelian: Carnelian crystal stone meaning represents the hot cauldron of the lower three chakras. It's associated with taking bold action with its hot and fiery spirit that stimulates the root chakra, helping circulate vital energy to your center, which contains your deepest sexual desires and powerful creative instincts. Whenever you're called on to perform, whether it's in between the sheets with your lover or a creative performance on the stage, be the star of your own show with by accessing the healing properties of Carnelian, the fiery companion guiding you in facing your fears.

Smoky Citrine Quartz: A Smoky Citrine is one of the most powerful tools for manifesting your intentions and wishes. Along with its manifesting power, Citrine also brings light, happiness and positive energy into your space, dissipating any negative energy. Smoky Citrine is very protective, making it a wonderful crystal for transmuting negative energy. It heightens self-discipline and willpower while also attracting professional success and wealth. 

Obsidian: The Obsidian meaning is linked with the concept of darkness, and just like our ever-spinning planet and its phases of night and day, the human soul also contains elements of light and dark. A powerful protection stone, the Obsidian crystal meaning helps identify your dark side so that its healing properties can clear it away from your psyche. The Obsidian crystal stone meaning reminds us that everyone has a good and bad side. Instead of hiding from our inner truth, Obsidian shines a light on the negativity and clears it away, helping us to choose the path leading towards light and love. 

Pyrite: If you're lacking motivation or physical strength, call on the Pyrite crystal meaning and reconnect to Mother Nature with this power stone that harnesses the earth element, the powerful energies that ground you and guide your spirit to a place of higher wisdom. If you’ re ready to take action to achieve your dreams and aspirations, be a rock star at meditation practice when you incorporate Pyrite and its divine guidance.