Magnetic Midnight with Aragonite

Magnetic Midnight with Aragonite

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This power packed Soy Crystal Candle has been created with a combination of essential oils that are reminiscent of a crisp winters night and a clear moonlit, star-bright sky. This blend consists of Cedarwood, Sage, Vanilla, Lime, Orange, Patchouli, and Neroli.  

A mesmerising Aragonite crystal has been embedded into the candle, surrounded by a vegetable base iridescent shimmer, and  crushed white sage.  

Aragonite is a helpful crystal to bring in enlightenment and perspective.  When you feel like you're in the dark Aragonite can help you find patience and clarity.  This is a wonderful stone to use during manifesting ceremonies. 

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The 4 oz candle burns for approximately 25-30 hours

The 24 oz candle burns for approximately 160-180 hours

Only Soy Candle Wax has been used which is known to burn slower and create less air pollution. 

The candle wicks we use are pure cotton and contain no zinc, iron, or tin. 

Only Essential Oils have been used to scent the candles.