No Ordinary Love

No Ordinary Love


This magnificent candle is 10 times the size of our ritual candles coming in at 40 oz compared to the usual 4oz or 24oz that are offered here. 

This is a love spell candle with a crystal grid, but this is no ordinary candle and nor should your love be an ordinary love, not for yourself at least. This candle is meant to be an energy exchange candle, only to be lit when you are practising self-care or self-love.  Every time you burn this candle you are strengthening your relationship with yourself, thereby strengthening your relationship with others.  Don't cheat yourself by leaving the candle burning when you're not doing the work.  The energy you put in is the energy you'll get out.  

Rose Quartz has been used in attracting love and creating a more compassionate and kind relationship with oneself.  Clear Quartz helps to strengthen the bond by amplifying the energy. 

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This 40 oz candle burns for approximately 340 to 360 hours

Only Soy Candle Wax has been used which is known to burn slower and create less air pollution. 

The candle wicks we use are pure cotton and contain no zinc, iron, or tin. 

Only Essential Oils have been used to scent the candles.