Spring/Summer 2018 Moon Magic Kit

Spring/Summer 2018 Moon Magic Kit


Included in this kit you'll find:
- 4 oz Badass Butter with Iridescent Shimmer
- 25 ml Root Down Body Spray + Pillow Mist
 - 25 ml Blossom Up Body Spray + Pillow Mist
 - 15 ml Luxury Lip Balm
 - 4 oz Self-Love Swagger Soy Candle
 - 1 Mini Abalone Shell and 1 Stand
- 4 Charcoal Discs
- 2 oz Floral Incense Blend

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This season we focus on the light of consciousness and imagination.  I take you through a simple and effective ceremony/ritual that allows you to celebrate your accomplishments and feel present in your body, fully connected with mind, body, and soul.  We work through the four elements and the energy of the lunar phases to increase our manifesting frequencies.  

This Moon Magic Kit is one of it's kind.  The self-care products included will not be available again once the kit is sold out.  All products have been created with crystals activation, lunar generalisation, and cymatic frequency healing. 

Included in this kit you'll find:

4 oz Badass Butter with Iridescent Shimmer - This Moon Butter is just as thick and decadent as the regular moon butters, except its got an added element of carrot seed oil to make it summer sun friendly.  It's also made extra special with vegetable base iridescent shimmer to help you get your shine on and be as bright as you want to be.  Activated with a genuine Amethyst crystal in each jar this moon butter is bound to get your third eye blinking.  Also, it smells like lemon custard, it's so delicious! 

25 ml Root Down Body Spray and Pillow Mist - This natural perfume was created with a selective combination of essential oils to activate the lower chakras to help ground you during a new moon phase, but not limited to only new moon time.  This body spray and pillow mist is  a perfect tool to activate the subconscious through aromatherapy during sleep or even during the day.  A few of the essential oils used are bergamot, cedarwood, sage, clove and lemon.  This formulation matured for 90 days before being poured. You'll find 9 tiny citrine pebbles at the bottom of each bottle working up their own magic to support your solar plexus and help you feel universally supported and guided.

25 ml Blossom Up Body Spray + Pillow Mist - Complimentary to the Root Down perfume listed above, this polar opposite body spray is called Blossom Up.  It's meant to uplift and rejuvenate your energy through aromatherapy and crystals.  Just like it's counterpart, it activates the subconscious through scent association during sleep as well as while you're awake.  Blossom Up is meant to be used during the full moon, but that isn't a rule.  Use it whenever you feel.  Some of the essential oils used to create this blend are sandalwood, jasmine, neroli, orange, anise, vetevier and chamomile.  This formulation matured for 90 days prior to being poured.  You'll find 9 tiny peridot pebbles at the bottom of each bottle doing their high vibe thing, refuelling your metaphysical energy sources so that you can stand tall and reach for the stars.

15 ml Luxury Lip Balm - This item of the kit is purely just for fun! Who doesn't love a good nourishing lip balm?  Made with rich Tamanu butter and created with Azurite crystal during the butter melting phase.  It truly is a luxury lip balm because it's so intensely healing and moisturizing.  Also smells like lemon custard! So awesome!

4 oz Self-Love Swagger Soy Candle - One of the best part of the Atma Moon Magic Kits are the Soy Crystal Ritual Candles.  This seasons candle, Self-Love Swagger pretty much sums it up.  It's about your magnetism, your inner light, your uniqueness, and your compassion for yourself and others.  Through compassion we ground ourselves and bring ourselves into a heart-centered place that allows us to see more clearly what is truly important.  Created with Cornflower and Helichrysum, pink vegetable glitter, and a grounding Rainbow Hematite mineral this candle is pretty and empowering. The scent is a delicate mix of florals and pink grapefruit. 

1 Mini Abalone Shell and 1 Stand - This is the cutest incense holder I have ever come across and I had to share it with you!  The abalone shell is a perfect symbol of the summer season and the colours are reminiscent of the iridescent shimmer, the rainbow hematite, and the amethyst crystal.  It's a perfect addition to any ritual space and can be easily moved and you can even travel with it!  With the cute wooden stand under the shell you don't have to worry about any surface over-heating.  

2 oz Floral Incense Blend - This loose incense blend is made up of rose petals, lavender, everlasting flower, cornflower, white sage, frankincense and sweet myrrh, perfect for the soft yet powerful energy of the season.  Each package can be used up to 6 or 7 times depending on how much you use.  

4 Charcoal Discs - If you don't know how to use charcoal discs please refer to my summer solstice moon magic kit tutorial on YouTube for full instructions.  They're easy to use, long lasting, and really get the essence out of the incense, allowing your space to be filled up with the aroma while the smoke neutralises or uplifts the energy of your aura and space.  

Your kit will also come with a detailed pamphlet, walking you through the importance of moon magic, the relevance of spring equinox and summer solstice, and the ceremonial/ritual practice itself.  The knowledge is practical and simplified yet, enlightening and empowering.