Golden Tortoise Incense Burner

Golden Tortoise Incense Burner


This small but sturdy incense burner is perfect for cone, stick, and charcoal burning. It will heat up when in use so be sure to place it on a fire proof surface. Made of steel, and painted gold this cute piece fits into any aesthetic.

Once sold out this item will be discontinued.

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Tortoise animal spirit meaning:

The tortoise totem symbolises longevity, simplicity, and slowing down enough to really pay attention. Tortoises have exceptionally long life-spans, often of 100 years or more. Tortoises live a simple life, sleeping up to 16 hours per day and grazing on various plant life.

Tortoises symbolise simplicity, they carry their shells/homes on their back and have all they need with them. They remind us of the importance of making good use of what we have and embracing simple abundance. When tortoise shows up in your life it tells you to embrace more simplicity. Slow down and pay attention to the abundance and opportunities that surround you. Life is not a race and you should pace yourself and not allow stress and pressure to diminish your quality of life.

Tortoises speak of being grounded in life and living with simplicity and grace. You may also find that tortoise addresses dietary issues prompting you to have more fresh vegetables/fruits in your diet to promote good health and longevity.