The only magic worth believing in is


For the seekers of truth, healing &

Devine connection

We are miracles

We are magic

We are a thread of the quantum universe, continuously unfolding and evolving.

For those seeking the tools, wisdom and clarity to experience a deeper meaning of life. We support you in building your own toolbox of skills and spiritual aides so you can find the answers you seek and the healing you crave within yourself.

The Process

All of our products are made using a three step process. We make it on the full moon or the new moon.  We make it with 528Hz healing frequencies and we use crystals in all of our products.  Furthermore, we source our ingredients from around the world.  We use fair trade vendors.  We use many crude and unrefined ingredients, and most of all we try our best to use ingredients that are sustainable and always natural and organic.

The Evolution

At around 14 years old I remember seeing colours around people’s bodies.  The lines on their palms and foreheads started to tell me stories.  I had no rote or rudimentary knowledge of things, but I would open my mouth and things would come out and I would have no idea where it was coming from.  My mom thought I could be of service to people so she would tell her family and friends and would have me sit with them and I would take their palms and just talk without thought or filter.

Eventually I did what all teenagers do, I asserted my independence and walked away from my gifts. Only to wake from my spiritual slumber a decade later and devote myself to understanding my gifts and learning new ways to serve and heal.