The commitment to my personal growth required me to deeply study and live a spiritual path.  At the age of 19 I began studying and practicing reiki.  It was a gateway into the energy world that

allowed me the vocabulary to better describe what I was feeling in my body.  For over 2 decades I have studied and lived the path of shamanic healing indigenous to Peru, Hawaii, and North America.  Combined with my East Indian heritage and teachings my practice is unique to me. 

I do not subscribe to systems or rules within a healing style but rather stay open to energy and flow.  This is the only way that allows me to walk beside you on your own path and be there with you while you do the work to connect to your divinity.

Energy Healing

Contrary to what the new age spiritual movement would have you believe “Healing” is not something you attain or achieve, but rather it is a state of consciousness.  As an observer of energy I am also able to move it through you with deep intention and healing touch.  By moving stagnant energy we create room for neutral or enhanced energy to take its place so that you can “start fresh”, so to speak.  This then allows one to become more aware of

patterns, thoughts and behaviours that are harmful to one’s growth and highest good and create positive change.  Healing is not “everything is good now”, healing is “now I see and I change”.  Book in a free 30 min consultation to find out if we should work together or go right ahead and schedule yourself in for an online or in-person appointment.

Intuitive Tarot Counselling

When you’re in the eye of the storm it’s hard to be objective and see clearly.  It’s challenging to make choices when you’re unclear of the path that lies ahead.  Tarot is an energetic tool that allows us to see where your energy is and what the possible outcomes could be.  Potential is limitless so where are we limiting

ourselves in our mind and our body.  This is where the spirit comes in and reminds us of what we’re capable of and what our greatest good could look like.  Here you are given possible outcomes as well and resources and practices to implement in your life to help you on your path.  I offer quick 30 minute online sessions to help you make choices when you know exactly what you need, and I offer longer 60 min sessions online and in person to help you dive a little deeper into the subconscious world of patterns and beliefs.

Space Cleansing

As I’m an observer of energy in humans and animals, I’m also able to follow the path of energy in spaces.  I can feel where energy is stagnant in a home and get a better understanding of why and what you can do to prevent that.  Energetically I can neutralize a space and prepare it for positive change.  Depending on the size of the space

this usually takes between 60 to 90 minutes.  I leave you with some tools such as crystals and candles to continue alchemising the energy.  It’s important to keep the energy of your space light and clear as it’s where you spend a lot of time.  You want to be at ease in your home and at work.  This service is priced based on the location and size of space.  You can email me here to find out more information and to schedule your space cleansing.

Officiant services

Coming Soon!